Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mother knows best...

My mother, in her infinite wisdom, said something the other day that I wanted to make sure I documented and remembered. I love learning from my elders, by the way. The more I try to learn from mistakes people have made, the less likely I am to make the same mistakes. The more advice I gather from people more experienced than I at life, the wiser I become. The best part is, it's free to just listen to what people have to tell you, and most people are dying to tell you something.

Anywho, Mom and I are riding in the car the other day talking about life and she says to me, "There are two things that took me years to learn, and if you can figure them out you'll be a much happier person. 1 - You don't always have to be right. It's okay to be wrong. And 2 - You don't always have to blame someone for everything that happens. Sometimes things just happen."

There is a lot of intelligence and wisdom in that statement backed by a lot of experience. Mom and I have very different philosophies on life in general, but because we're so different, she always gives me a different perspective on life that I hadn't thought about and can learn from.

Hopefully we can all learn from each other, all differences aside. Actually, no. Not differences aside. Differences at the forefront. They are what give us the many broad ideas and perspectives that we couldn't get if we were all alike. If we can only learn that differences don't inherently create hierarchies; if we can only pick up on the fact that differences just make us different, not better or worse, we'll be a much better world.

So here's to diversity. Here's to living another moment in this wonderful world full of people who think differently than i do.


lindsey said...

your mother is a very smart woman. :-)

if it's true that all boys unknowingly want to date their moms, i'm glad your mom is so wise. ;-)

Cardozo said...

awwww....how cute are you two?!

lindsey said...

I'm going to call your mom and tell her to make you update this thing. ;-)

Sheila said...

I wish my sons would remember some of the things I tell them.