Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two Things...

First, I'd like a bit of discussion and hopefully some thoughtful replies. Second, some awesome entertainment.

So firstly, I've been pondering in my head the extent to which difference breeds hatred. Particularly in the political realm, I find myself having a very difficult time learning that those who are different than me have validity. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I've thought out my arguments or that I'm just an egotistical jerk (as I often can be without my knowledge), but when it comes to people who have different political opinions, specifically to people who are staunch conservatives, I find myself having a difficult time not letting that get difference get in the way I view them as humans.


I have a friend whom I love deeply. She's a beautiful person who cares about the same things that I do in praxis, but she recently confessed to me that she's an intense conservative. She thinks laissez faire capitalism is the best possible system, socialist nations are filled with unhappy and unhealthy people (she also equated socialism with communism), and that Regan's economic policies were the best thing this country has ever seen. As much as I love her, this is a pretty glaring difference in our perspectives and I just don't know how to 1) communicate with her at all about it and 2) not let it get in the way of how I see her as a human being. For me, these issues touch on my faith in God, my love of my neighbor, and everything I think is wrong with humanity today. How do you do it, guys? How do you not let difference breed hatred? I'm assuming it starts with a strong and healthy dose of humility, though I'm wary of getting to the point that I delegitimize myself in the process, but then what? Yikes!

Okay, now for some promised entertainment. To my friend who is Blogging Incognito, I think your son might particularly enjoy these videos.

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