Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daily Considerations...

You know, when you decide you want to change stuff about yourself, you actually have to change stuff about yourself. It can be such a pain!

I have made some serious changes about the way I function in this town so that perhaps I won't fall into the same habits I used to. Being in the same places, doing the same things, and being around all the same people would be overwhelming. I don't know if I have the strength of will to uphold my remodeled self in the face of that, you know? Thus, things have got to be a bit different for this coming year.

I'm not living on campus, my friends have really changed for the better, and my list of activities has been revised and streamlined. The biggest changes so far this year include taking on more of a roll in my church (which is a lot of fun!), being at the ballet studio a lot more for both dancing and work, quitting my fraternity.

The fraternity thing was a big decision to make because on a small campus, you risk alienating a lot of people doing something like that. Still, it had to be done. When I joined, we were a pretty positive group of guys. Since then, all that place does is party and look for ways to get out of doing good things and punishment. Though the people individually may be good people, as a group it isn't a good thing and I'm really tired of having myself associated with it. I called the people I still really care about who are in the fraternity to let them know why I did what I did, and I haven't really looked back. I'm quite happy about my decision.

The point is this: Sometimes you've really got to do the things you've got to do. Like it or not, comfortable or not, keeping things the same means exactly that: keeping things the same. And now only two weeks until school starts up once more!

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