Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Random Thoughts...

Things I've never thought of before coming to a different culture:

Dogs, apparently, can be bilingual. They can also have accents.

There is lots of communication that takes place outside of language. Dancing, music, glances, laughter, crying, certain gestures. None of this can be stopped by a language barrier.

People don't need everything legislated for them. Here, the laws are lax and the enforcement is even MORE lax. Still, by some miracle of God, they get along just great. Even when Big Brother isn't looking over everyone's shoulder all the time, society functions perfectly.

People everywhere face essentially the same problems with different variations and degrees. Everyone wants to eat, drink, have a place to sleep, feel secure, and be loved. I think humanity has more in common than it has differences.

On the Acropolis, there have been many different sets of buildings over the years. The Greeks chose intentionally to reconstruct the Roman edifices. What this shows is that we can, and do, choose which past informs our present circumstances. Some choose Adam and Eve or the Buddha as their setting, others choose their parents ability or inability to love. Some choose nationality, others political affiliation. We do choose.

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Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, we write our own story... Either one of survival or victimization. (Thats a little black and white but you get the idea)

Horrible things have happened to people. You dont have to look hard to read a story or a book that describes this perfectly.

Even in our mythology, ancient and current, our characters are faced with atrocities- and we ask ourselves who they will become because of them. (Batman comes to mind! ;))

In some religions we feel we must suffer for our salvation or enlightenment. Others believe that is not the case at all. (The Watchmen comes to mind. Im so geeking out.)

In the Hindu thought, it is the Lotus that is most prized in it's culture. Kind of like how the rose is hailed in Westernized culture.

The Lotus grows from the bottom of the pond, in the mire and muck. It is the story of the Lotus that reminds us that regardless of our origin, or obstacles, we can reach clarity- and all those good things associated with sunshine.

The entire flower is also known to sink beneath the water when the sun goes down, and to surface again when the sun rises. Apparently, it also regulates the temprature IN the water... so that it can stay warm when the temprature drops.


-Lady A