Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Life of Marko Polo...

This past week has consisted of preparing myself to leave. In four days, I'm off to Greece to study for the semester, so I've been traveling around the state doing the things I need to do and seeing the people I want to see before I won't be able to see them for the next four to seven months (depending on the summer).

I spent a week in Columbia seeing my sister (Jess), brother (Pete), and brother-in-law (Eric). We went to church together, played video games, ate lots of good food cooked by my lovely sister, and generally hung out and enjoyed each others' presence. It was a lovely, relaxing few days. Exactly what I needed. The pictures you see were taken in Kaldi's, which is the coffee shop Eric works. We like it so much that we even hang out there when he's off the clock!

I also traveled to Fulton to visit one of my very best friends Keith who's studying at Westminster University. We hung out and had a little party at his new house. It was a perfect goodbye-for-now to one of my most treasured friends.

After Columbia and Fulton, it was off to Springfield for one last hurrah with my companions at Drury. I had the privilege of hanging out with one of my old coworkers who has turned into one of my closest friends (amazing the kinds of friends you make when you make yourself vulnerable and start communicating openly with the people around you) and spent the next day relaxing at Drury with my friends Eli and Shanna. We talked, ate, threw around a frisbee, and generally reveled in each other and the friendships we share. It was perfect.

So just a few more days! From there, this blog will become a nexus of sorts for my friends and family seeing as phone calls will be really difficult with the time differences. I'll post lots of pictures and stories fairly regularly (I'm sure there will be lots of both to be shared). It'll be awesome!

On a lighter note, the Yorkie saga continues with my family. We have a new puppy, Mo, who has captured everyone's hearts. He's a sweet, quiet, shy little guy a he's a lovely addition to our household. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

That is one small cute dog.

Enjoy Greece - it's a beautiful place.

JustJess said...

Ahh! Thank you for giving me my Mo fix of the day!!