Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Long Weekend...

I had quite the weekend.

I went to Columbia to celebrate my brother's 23rd birthday. I've gotta tell you, I love visiting my family. I saw my entire family (mom, dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law, two dogs, and two cats), saw the new Indiana Jones movie, ate good food, and just generally had a great time.

When I pulled into town, I'm walking towards the door and my brother greeted me. He said, "Hey, it's my birthday, so I want you to agree to something before I tell you what it is. Call it my birthday present." Of course, I agreed. Before I knew it we were sneaking into Faurot Field at 11:30 at night to sit on the 50 yard line and drink a beer. Though it was incredibly stupid, I had a great time breaking the law with my brother for his birthday. It was a good beer, we didn't hurt anybody or anything, and hey, it's just a misdemeanor, right? Totally worth it.

What I didn't enjoy this weekend was my family's discussion of religion. I think it's important to point out that I'm the youngest, so there is an instant condescension when they talk to me, but particularly in religion. They're pretty fundamentalist Christian in their attitudes, which means there is no room for debate. They're right. We're terrible people, Jesus was God who came to die for our sins so that we could be redeemed, every other religion is completely worthless, etc. It's really hard for me to deal with.

I really want to rant right now, but I won't. It really hurt me to tell my sister about my hard-fought-for religious beliefs and have her tell me that she thinks I'm wrong and feels sorry for me for holding them. I hate that kind of pejorative talk, like I haven't thought long and hard about what I think is the truth.

In reality, I think that kind of Christianity is very hurtful. It condemns over 3/4 of the world who don't believe in Christ. It takes a lot of hubris to think that just because you were born into a particular set of beliefs that everyone else is wrong. How does that fit into the view that God is all-loving anyway? Besides, God seems WAY too big, too beautiful, too loving, too mysterious to be completely described by the Christian Bible. It's like worshiping the Bible if you really think that it's got God figured out. Idolatry. No good.

I really hate what Christianity has turned into these days. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and some time writing about it in my other journal. I'll be posting that tomorrow, though. Something to look forward to!!!

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Anonymous said...

Techinically illegal, perhaps, but certainly harmless.

You do realize you have opened yourself up to years of judgment by being willing to openly discuss your beliefs? Fundamentalism in any form is frightening, but most fundamentalists cling hard to their belief that those who are not for them are against them.