Monday, August 27, 2007

Ego, or Something Else?

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I have a class called Classical Problems in Philosophy. The content of the class is pretty good altogether, but I have a slight problem in that class. There is another kid from a slightly scientific background that really bothers me. I'm going to be human here and admit my flaws.

This kid is as well-prepared as I am, well-thought, and generally intelligent. He really puts me off. I find myself wanting to contradict him simply for the sake of the contradiction. I don't necessarily always disagree with him, but the way he states things makes me want to argue. It's really, really annoying. What is even more annoying is that I'm pretty sure it's my problem, not a problem with him. I have to admit that I'm wrong.

We're both intelligent. I need to accept that. There doesn't have to be a hierarchy where one of us is smarter than the other. It shouldn't be a competition. Why can't we just get along? I need to put my ego aside, stop wanting to be recognized for comprehending the subject matter and making the connections.

I recognize that I'm often egotistical, but I also recognize that I don't want to be. Perhaps the way to clear up the situation is to actually act as if I'm not. If I do everything to change in regards to my ego, I've first got to recognize that I am that way and then cut that off at every path. It's just strange.


Anonymous said...

Remember the wide gulf of knowledge that separates both of you from CP. :)

lindsey said...

Pick your battles...
Oh and try not to sounds like you're drowning.

lindsey said...

While you're at it, you might teach your girlfriend to write properly. *sigh*